Aimed at informing policy debates, our briefs summarize pressing complex issues, weigh the implications for global governance and suggest recommendations.

Institutionalizing Subsidiarity in the Reform of Investment Adjudication

By Nico Krisch – If (re)designed based on the principle of subsidiarity, international investment adjudication could supplement rather than substitute or challenge domestic processes.

Business and Human Rights: States are not off the hook

By Jerome Bellion-Jourdan – States are not off the hook in the “Business and Human Rights” agenda:  a key take away of recent events at the United Nations and beyond; a timely reminder of the “smart mix of measures” foreseen by the UN Guiding Principles for States to foster business respect for human rights; a strong call on States to act, along with business, against the background of Kofi Annan’s warning: “if we cannot make globalization work for all, in the end it will work for none.”  

How to Uphold Multilateralism and Defy Protectionism: Listen More to Developing Economies

By Anita Prakash – Global governance bodies must be inclusive and bring in the voices from developing economies, which are practitioners of open and rule based trade relations.

Regime Interactions and the Dual Legality of EU Law: The case of Slovak Republic v. Achmea

By Lorenzo Gasbarri – In this case, the ECJ explicitly refers to EU law as being international law and at the same time forming an internal legal system. What does this mean, and are there consequences for the interactions between legal regimes?