Critical, constructive and well-informed engagement with the actors, norms and processes of global governance is perhaps more necessary today than ever.

The Global is an interactive and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

It is geared towards informing a broader audience, including non-specialists, of the innovative work undertaken at the Global Governance Centre, as well as other important developments in the academic and policy worlds pertaining to a wide range of global governance issues.

The blog aims to:

  • Disseminate the research of scholars, researchers and students associated with the Global Governance Centre.
  • Provide external contributors an opportunity to share their expertise (academic or policy-based) on a specific topic.
  • Analyze and break down emerging issues of global concern.
  • Highlight upcoming and past events.

We do so through an interdisciplinary lens and with a critical mind set, and aim to intervene in policy debates whenever we can.

The Global Governance Centre team

The blog is managed by the Global Governance Centre, a forum for scholars of governance and international organisations to interact with practitioners from the policy world to analyze global governance arrangements across a variety of issues. The Centre combines expertise from across the Graduate Institute’s academic disciplines and undertakes innovative research on global governance. Other core activities include a visiting programme, a seminar series for scholars and practitioners, and publications.