Debate on “Global Environmental Governance”

As pressing environmental challenges mount, what kind of institutional framework do we need to strengthen global climate action? What should be the role of different actors (state and non-state) and instruments (mandatory and voluntary) in the quest to find lasting political solutions? Urs Luterbacher, Naghmeh Nasiritousi, and Gor Samvel share their differing perspectives.


Luterbacher_the Global_Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is Right! So, Then What?

By Urs Luterbacher

Why leading by example sometimes does not pay, and why a return to the principles of the Kyoto Protocol is necessary.


Nasiritousi_the Global

Societal Mobilization is Key to Global Climate Action

By Naghmeh Nasiritousi

It is not a question of either or, the Paris Agreement is necessary but needs to be strengthened with complementary initiatives.



Let’s Think Beyond Kyoto, Paris and Social Movements: The Legal Responsibility of Industries for Climate Change

By Gor Samvel

In the post-COVID19 world, neither a state-centric Paris Agreement, nor social movements will be sufficient to deal with climate change. The pandemic presents us with a historic choice about the future diversity and sustainability of our energy sources.