How to contribute?

Interested in engaging critically with scholars, researchers, policy practitioners and the wider public on a pertinent issue of global governance? Join the debate by contributing to the Global!

Choosing a topic

We cover a wide range of topics. Please consult our Categories section for some ideas about framing your contribution and selecting a topic. Most importantly, chose a topic you are interested in and passionate about!

Your Audience

The target audience includes scholars, researchers, grad students, Geneva-based policy practitioners, and the wider public interested in issues of governance.

Followers of the blog will have an opportunity to engage in further discussion through comments, or by responding with a blog of their own.

The basics

  • Length of 500-1000 words (1-2 pages single space), in either English or French.
  • Think of a short and catchy title.
  • Include a captivating synopsis of your contribution (about 150 characters).
  • Suggest 3-5 keywords/tags pertaining to your topic.
  • Include a contact email, social media handle, and institutional affiliation (including any disclaimers)


  • When writing, be mindful of the audience you would like to reach.
  • Use accessible language and concise sentences, avoiding jargon and technical words, to reach a broader audience.
  • Try to end the blog on a point to provoke further thinking/discussion/call to action.
  • Avoid footnotes/citations. Feel free to link to external sources/websites as necessary.
  • Please suggest some relevant images in high-resolution (noting copyrights).


  • Submit your text in .doc or .docx file format.
  • Submit text and images to
  • All submissions will go through a light editing process (proofreading, suggestions).
  • There is no guarantee that all submissions will be published.